Windows Security Icon Says Comodo Firewall Turned Off......

I have Win XP Home SP2 fully updated with Comodo Firewall 2.4 .18. 184. Windows firewall turned off.

When I boot up my pc and the various start up icons load in the system tray. I get the windows security icon loading in the system tray also giving the above warning. (Comodo Firewall Turned off…) When the Comodo Firewall icon loads the Security Icon disappears.

If I check the Security Centre in Win XP Ctrl Panel Comodo Firewall is recognised.

I have seen a number of posts relating to Comodo Firewall not being recognised and the solution concerning stopping and starting net Winmgmt and deleting the repository folder in system32/wbem.

This worked in the sense that the system icon stopped loading at start up but the Firewall was not recognised directly in security centre. Also if I removed the Comodo Icon from the system tray the windows security icon failed to alert that Comdo Firewall was not functional.

A more detailed solution in the forums archives involved the above procedure AND involving RegSvr32 and RegServer, only went full circle and put back the original problem as in the title of this thread

Can anyone help solve this irritating time delay between Comodo system tray icon loading and the security centre warning?



i never got same problem wit u. :BNC

simply :slight_smile: because i disabled windows security center n windows firewall after i instaled XP. i believe in my own security center.

i dun see the point for enabling security center. its useless n partly slow down ur pc if u haf so many services running ( i guess u dun care abt this coz u run security center)

my 2c.


It looks like what you’re experiencing is that WSC is warning you that the FW is not running, because the GUI (visible by the tray icon) is not yet loaded.

In the grand scheme of things, the FW GUI is the last aspect of the FW to load. The actual FW itself is running from the time you boot the computer; long before Windows ever loads. In your case, WSC is a little quick on the trigger to let you know about a problem (that isn’t actually a problem).

If you are concerned, you can check the FW in this way…

Open Task Manager, look for Comodo Application Agent; this is the “core” of the FW visible to the system as a Process. CPF.exe will be visible when the GUI is loaded; this is only the user interface, and does not impact the performance of the firewall.

Further, if you go to Start/Run, and type in “devmgmt.msc” (without the quotes); then go to View/Show Hidden Devices. Scroll down to Non PlugNPlay Drivers. Look for two entries: Comodo Application Engine, Comodo Network Engine. If these show to be operating fine (no red “x” or yellow “!”), you know you’re all good to go.

Hope that helps,


PS: The only time I’m aware of that you need to mess with rebuilding the repository is if WSC is not recognizing the application as being on the machine. Your scenario sounds different.