Windows Security Ctr does not recognise Comodo ! [Resolved]

I recently installed Comodo antivirus and firewall ! The windows security centre does not recognise athat virus software is installed.
Does anybody know a fix and save me all the MS alerts !

Read this: Comodo Forum :slight_smile:

Thanks m8 (:KWL)
Will spend more time reading/searching next time (L)

Ha, thought so! I’ve been scratching my head wondering why my Active Security Monitor won’t read my Comodo firewall. My PC score was 64 before I removed viruses and added a firewall (as advised by ASM). Well, I installed the firewall only to have the system red zone me as somebody whose firewall has been disabled - with a new score of 69, hey! Comodo is doing a good job. But I must say, I am curious about why Windows Security Center does not recognise COmodo’s firewall. Who knows, the two companies may have beef (:AGY) with each other. Any alternative explanations out there?

Hey MsNorushe,

Check out this thread and especially panic’s post as he has made a tool to help fix the CPF and WSC problem.,2479.msg19253.html#msg19253