Windows Security Centre doesn't see Comodo FW [resolved]

I’ve recently installed Comodo firewall to replace Zone Alarm & following set up, all is going well. However, when I temporarily switched off my anti virus software (Trend micro internet security), which also contains a firewall, the windows security centre got all excited as it thinks there is no firewall active. i.e it doesn’t seem to notice that Comodo is still running. Why is this?
P.S. FYI at the moment Trend and Comodo seem to be working well together without obvious conflicts, whereas ZA & Trend ended up fighting with each other causing internet logging-on problems.

You may need to repair your repository.

Try this link:,2479.msg19751.html#msg19751


presumably just because the security centre can’t see/recognise it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there/working i.e. it’s at worst, there’s just an annoying warning icon.

Personally, i kind of like the security center. Sometimes the AV or whatever is disabled, and this is a fair warning. Just do what the link provided by Anderow suggests:

Start- Run- type “cmd” - enter. On the command prompt:

net stop winmgmt

rd %systemroot%\system32\wbem\Repository

net start winmgmt

The security center should now recognize Comodo. The repository should be rebuilt following these steps. If not, ZA probably wasn’t properly uninstalled (not your fault).

Did you do this, and solved the problem?


Pedro - thanks for the input. I’ll certainly give it a go when i get home tonight & report back with my findings.

well I’ve had a go with the instructions and it tells me the ‘directory is not empty’ - it does not at any time tell me it is ‘removing the repository folder’. I am doing all of this at the c:\ prompt. Subsequently Comodo is still recognised as being present/active. Any ideas???

Hi tobster. Here’s a great bookmarking site: ** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First **:

Windows doesn't recognize Comodo Firewall Pro (CFP),211.0.html,545.0.html,1182.0/topicseen.html,2479.0.html

I personally use Ewen’s script here and it never fails me:,2479.msg19751.html#msg19751

yes that bookmark did indeed contain some v useful links. I used Ewen’s zip file and it deleted the repository file BUT still Windows Security fails to notice that Comodo is running. I should add that I have not uninstalled the ‘other’ firewall (which is in the Trend internet security package) but just closed the application after booting up. What now?

There’s your problem. I’m surprised that you can even run CFP with another firewall. The probability of 2 installed software firewalls conflicting is 99%. (The 1% difference is Windows Firewall because it’s weak). Just disabling isn’t enough because their drivers are already loaded up on each boot.

Aha, I hadn’t realised you had to actually unistall the other software. Incidentally both are running together fine (at the moment), it was just the inability of the windows security service to notice that comodo was present and running that bugged me. I can live with it. Thanks for your help.

Take heed of my warning. :o If down the road you experience any unusual issues, this is one important fact to remember.

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