Windows Security Centre and CPF

I recently downloaded CPF BETA and so far have been quite impressed with how well it performs. CPF sure beats the pants off anything else I’ve tried, and is shaping up to reach it’s potential as a first class product. :slight_smile:

The only problem I have encountered is CPF’s interaction with Windows Security Centre (WSC) when Windows is configured for multi-users.

The observed behaviour is:

When Limited Account users log on they get a red WSC warning icon in the system tray and a pop up message saying that no firewall is turned on. Even though CPF is obviously protecting the system the WSC dialog accessed through Control Panel indicates no firewall is turned on. The WSC warning icon remains in the tray until the Limited Account user logs off.

When a users with full Administrator privileges log on they briefly get the red warning icon and ‘no firewall’ message both of which disappear when the logon process is completed. When these users access the WSC dialog through Control Panel, WSC correctly shows that CPF is turned on.

I am using CPF on a Toshiba Satellite 2410 running Windows XP Pro SP2 with Windows Firewall turned off.

The ‘no firewall’ warning is annoying the heck out of the Limited Account users on my machine!! Does anyone have a workaround for this issue or is it a bug that needs to be addressed before final release of CPF2? ???

Hi ElderSage,
I had the 1st problem you listed with the previous beta. I had your 2nd listing with the current beta.
In replies to my listing of the 1st issue, I believe it was said this was a possible bug. I was told the 2nd was nothing to worry about, and I agree.
Melih and the developers read these posts, and I’m sure they’re aware of these issues. The Comodo team usually acts quickly to eradicate any problems, and I’m sure this will be the case here too.

Thanks KingHull. Although I’m not usually into using Beta’s Comodo’s obvious comitment to getting the product right is worthy of an exception. I’m sure you are right about these issues being fixed in due course.

we do indeed read and act upon it.
it will be fixed…

Yes it has been fixed already.

Thx for the feedback,

Hi egemen,
For the 1st time with CPF Beta, I had an issue with WSC. It said no firewall was active on a restricted user account, even though CPF was obviously running. Do you mean this shouldn’t happen with the current Beta, or it’s been fixed for the next release version?

Yes also has this issue. It is fixed but not in any released version yet.

Thanks egemen :smiley:

See my post at,1982.0.html for a workaround for these issues.