Windows Security Center

I have WinXP Pro with service pack 3;

I was running Comodo Firewall 3.0(not CIS) and a couple of days ago I got the alert that a update was available, so I told it to go ahead and download/update, which it did. Now the version is 3.5.55810.432.

Now ‘Windows Security Center’ says that I don’t have a firewall because it is not recognizing the latest version of the comodo firewall. It’s no big deal because “I” know it’s active, but is there a simple solution to have it be recognized by windows?

I’ve read different posts where you have to try to uninstall comodo firewall and reinstall, hopefully thats not the only solution.


Discussion & Solution is here: Comodo Internet Security 3.5x is not recognized by Windows Security Center

I will now close this thread.