Windows Security Center [Resolved]

hey guys, i’m just wondering why my security center info looks like this:

it just doesn’t show anything. it says something is off, but i have everything up and running.

anyone know the problem?

Hi La13. I keep this on my computer because it’s sometimes better to simply refresh the repository folder by running Ewen’s script file:;msg19751#msg19751

will the zip file fix my problem? i’m not the best with stuff like this… ???

thanks for the patience

It should. Unzip the file and double-click on it to run it. I’ll give you some prompts. Just follow the instructions (not much to do) and you’ll have to reboot to see the changes.

its still not working…

Doh! My mistake. I just examined your pic again and it states that the service isn’t on…

Go to the Start menu > run > type in services.msc > Scroll down to Security Center. I bet it’s disabled. Double click on it to change the startup type to Automatic > Click Apply button > Click the Start button to start it.

ok, now i got it working! thanks once again soya.

but i think WSC recognizes nod32 and comodo…

You’re welcome.

What do you mean WSC recognizes nod and comodo?

actually, nevermind, all is good

thanks again (:CLP)