windows security center? [Resolved]

i have comodo av installed on 3 computers in my household. on 2 of them, windows security comes up with a little balloon saying that i have no antivirus installed. i just disabled the notification but it troubles me that windows wouldn’t detect that i have comodo installed. is it a known bug or is there something i have to do on the 2 computers with that issue?

Hi and welcome,

Currently CAVS does not report its status to Windows Security center, future versions should.
Remember it is only beta at the moment, with version 2 coming soon. The final version should be end of July.

The computer that is not reporting this may have some leftovers from a previous AV install.


ok thank you for your quick reply.

comodo team: keep up the good work! great product!

I don’t think this interface issue has been fixed on version 2. I have version Build Version with a Program Updates Version; I still have to check the box “I have an antivirus program that I’ll monitor myself.” This check box is available from the recommendation window in the Windows Security Center. I hope this will be addressed in Version III that has been scheduled to be released (Beta) on or around 14-May-07.


I think you’re thinking of the comodo firewall v.3 that is to be released 14 May. There is a version 3 of the antivirus but this is still in alpha and isn’t expected for a few months.

It is upto Microsoft to enable comodo antivirus to use the security centre, but they don’t recognise beta products, so this should be added when comodo antivirus comes out of beta.


Thanks for educating me. I was thinking that it was with Comodo because the CF 2.4 is recognized by the MS Security Center.

Yes, it is comodo firewall v3, and I’m under the impression that it is a full blown CPF + CAVS+ CBAM; Is my understanding wrong?


Version 3 of CFP will not contain CAVS and CBAM, no. CFP will use a number of advanced techniques to prevent malware. A full HIPS is one method being used.

CAVS and CBAM will remain as separate downloads, but for those who use CAVS and CPF together, then CFP will automatically disable the CAVS HIPS and take full control as it has full HIPS compared to CAVS application based HIPS.


Forgive my ignorance. I was thinking it will be a complete suite of all comodo security products. I recall seeing that somewhere, or maybe I was dreaming. (:SAD)

(:TNG) in cheek!!!

There are plans to develop something similar to a suite, so you can install what Comodo products you want. Each application will always remain as a seperate download though for users who want choice.