Windows Security Center Notification [Closed]

Just a minor glitch - Windows Security Center does not register CPF on Win XP Pro x64. Getting message that no firewall is turned on.


WSC doesn’t currently support beta software. When the final version of CFP 3 is released it should work with WSC.


Running CFP 3 beta on Vista Home Premium. CFP doesn’t show up in the Security Center, so I’ve had to select the option to monitor the firewall myself to avoid Windows warnings. Windows Firewall is disabled.

That is normal as Microsoft only sees release versions of programs and not betas. When CFP3 is out of beta then it will be recognized. You have done what you need to do.


As the others had mentioned above, this applies to any program, not just CFP 3. Even after becoming final, it takes time for Microsoft to do their research and approve it.

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