Windows Security center and Comodo


Because of the update problems I manually uninstalled COmodo and Installed the new version.
But… Windows security center says that no firewall installed (after install). :o
I restarted my pc again, but still not detect Comodo. Anybody has this problem?

In order to stay on topic, I’ll first answer your question: No.

However, in a related but yet different situation, yesterday after I had uninstalled CPF and was checking out another firewall (paid version of NetOp Desktop Personal Firewall that I have in reserve…), I had the opposite situation occur. After uninstalling NetOp in order to install the new CPF 2.4, I noticed there had been no warnings from the security center for the lack of a firewall. [Before someone asks, yes I have security center configured to notify me and it has always done so in the past when I shut off the firewall.] Here’s the interesting part - when I opened security center, it said that my computer was being protected by Comodo Personal Firewall. Mind you, I had uninstalled CPF and had just been using NetOp for the previous 24 hours, and had just uninstalled that! Upon reflection, I think this issue may have happened somewhere during my nearly daily transitions from CPF RC-1, RC-2, RC-3, etc., not sure. Anyway, I checked Services and startups, but I did not see anything obviously Comodo-based operating - or even present. Not a big deal as I’m using CPF now and have used it as my primary firewall for a long while, but I wonder if some registry entry is broken or if there was a DLL running amuck even while I had NetOp running? CHUCK

i had this happen to me when i uninstalled nortons av on my new pc and installed comodo what i did was i turned off comodo by right clicking the comodo tray icon by the clock and click exit to turn off and restarted my pc and windows found it :slight_smile: hope this helps

This was caused by a combination of two factors.

  1. Comodo apparently doesn;t remove its entries frm the Security Centre when you uninstall it.
  2. NetOp doesn’t add any

Ewen :slight_smile:

You can go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\wbem and rename/delete the Repository folder, and then reboot. Windows will build a new Repository folder for you, and security center info get refreshed.

Thank you!