Windows security alert


There is something new occurring on our Windows XP Home Edition computer: A Windows Security Alert is warning us that our computer “may be at risk” because no fire wall is up. We switched off the Windows fire wall when we installed the Comodo fire wall (fire wall only because we run AVG as the AV application). That was working just fine for years. Now we get the Windows warning and when we check Comodo, it says “All systems are active and running”. The Comodo icon in the system tray looks somewhat pale but is shows traffic with its red and green arrows just fine.
I exported the settings, uninstalled Comodo, got the newest version (4.1.19277.920) from and installed that (I think the one I uninstalled was V 4.1, too). Reboot, and after that I imported the settings again.
Windows (XP home SP3) is still complaining.
Sorry for the long winded description. I want to make sure you know everything you need.
Thanks in advance.

Sometimes, Windows Security Center stops recognizing your antivirus or firewall… So, check your system time and date and also