Windows Secrets had 2 articles that might be of Interest to several

Todays Windows Secrets had 2 articles that several here might find of interest. The second is a link to a spoof that is pretty well done.


I read the first link and it’s scary because within the week I did indeed search for malwarebytes on google.

From the article I am not sure though… what does the author mean by sponsored ads? I only use google and I know that sometimes when I search there is a little box on the right that has links to sponsored sites is the author referring to those links or links included in regular google searches? I am of concern because when I was searching for malwarebytes I did click the first google link which was… did that send me to a bogus site or is it only if clicked one of those links in the box at the right?

Hi lostcause

Sponsored sites are ADS some of these ads are placed there because of keywords you use, in this case malwarebytes.

I would think this time you were safe. Beaware of the full address, some sites are sneaky that way.
I used to type the address in the url box but sometimes goffed on the spelling etc. Now I search and check the address before clicking on it.

Also the Comodo Verification Engine will help, but not sure if you select the wrong site and where you go is what you clicked on, what would happen.

Looks like a lot of work went into that second link !