Windows Restore Problem

My System Restore has this error, how do I fix it so I can use it again, please help me w/ this.

For what I know, Comodo disables system restore for security reasons.

As a bfirst step check for system file errors. Open up an elevated command prompt and enter the command “sfc /scannow” (without the quotes). It will take some time to run and will tell you if it finds any system file errors and whether or not it could correct them.

Would not it be your setup?
Most of the tasks that run in the background can be used to trick antivirus,
System Restore can load modifications made by malware;
The right thing to do is always to save important files on more than one device, either online or physical. Restoration in some cases of system compromise will not work or solve the problem … >:-D

The problem was not being able to create restore points. I used System Restore from boot menu to fix the issue. Thanks for your input guys.