windows restore points.

???hello all.could somebody please help me with a problem i have…Is there any way at all i can instruct windows to keep my restore points permanently.?its just when i create them and i need to use them i find they are gone after a certain period of time…please help…many thanks. :ilovecomodo:

Please read various problems concerning restore points as per:

the most common one being the lack of space.

Is windows restore such a good idea (when you backup malware and junk, you restore the same).
Shouldn’t you rather make a backup of your date and programs settings, the only things you can’t afford to lose?

hi…yeah the problem im having is i installed an optional windows update and now i find i wish to un-install it.thing is the update doesnt appear in my installed updates list.Its a microsoft other hardware update for usb mouse…any ideas at all on how i remove this update please.??thanks. ???

DARREN.1972- When it comes to restoring my computer I find it best not to put all of my backups in the location or even under the same method of backup.

Just this morning my Win 7 x64 computer booted in 50 seconds which is 2X the time that it normally takes so rather than take what might have ended up being several hours to diagnose the problem(s) that caused this I decided to do a System Restore. Since I could not trust the computer’s current Restore Points 100% because they may have been part of the problem I used Macrium Reflect to restore the computer from a 7.9 GB Image Backup that was done a few days ago when I know for 100% sure that the computer was running perfectly and tripple scanned as Malware Free and stored on an inert LaCie Raid 0 eSATA drive for quick image restoration.

This mornings Reflect Image Restoration took 4 minutes and 40 seconds and I was back in business with a squeeky clean computer and I promptly made a new Windows Restore Point which is reliable and the Reflect Image Backup continues to be stored on its 2TB LaCie inert drive along with several other Reflect Image Backups from both versions of Win 7 x64 that I have run on this computer plus a pair of Windows System Image Backups as a third tier backup option. I also have more redundant Image Backups on 2 other 1TB drives, but I won’t go into detail here. Like it has been said…“If you only back up your data twice you don’t really care about it.” The same holds true for that completely clean System Image that you have worked so hard to develop into making your computer the fast running machine that it is.


You can always uninstall a driver from Device Manager or roll back to a previous version. Or it may be in the list of installed Software.

No need to keep System Restore over a long period of time for that.

hi.thanks for your good advice.i shall certainly try out macrium the moment my win7 64-bit pc runs like a very well oiled machine.once again thank you very much it is very much appreciated. (:CLP)

Win 7 x64 is a thing of beauty isn’t it! I’ve been using Macrium Reflect for a year now and it has never let me down either with Win Vista or Win 7. You can back up Win 7 x64 with Reflect, but in order to verify and restore images the Windows Preinstall Environment PE 2.1 download is needed and a Reflect product key is required to obtain it.


:Dhi.yes windows 7 64-bit is fantastic.i was using vista 32-before and i have noticed the difference straight away.but as far as windows operating systems go im somewhat of a newbie…i just wonder if anybody on the forum actually remembers the commodore amiga 500.?? as bizarre as this may sound i still have one and love it…i know it makes me sound somewhat weird but sometimes i like to travel on the train of nostalgia.i loved that computer from the mid eighties and love it now…R.I. P jay miner and may god bless the father of the amiga… :ilovecomodo:

DARREN.1972- The first computer I ever used was an Amiga 1000 with 256 kB RAM!

I just wish that my Win 7 x64 desktop was 1/2 as versatile as that 25 year old Amiga…


to-maxxwire…wow that picture takes me back lol.thats a nice amiga set-up you had there.i had the a500 with commodore monitor and i thought it was just never see a floppy disc nowadays.and the amiga could be re-booted in under 30 seconds with just 3 fingers hahaha.thanks for the picture.all the best to you my good friend. (:CLP)