Windows reports Comodo Switched off when changing accounts.

Hi guys,

         I did a search on this topic but found nothing. I have had Comodo Firewall installed on my PC for around 3mths now with no serious problems to report. It has been updated to the latest version since last weekend. I find it an excellent Firewall and relatively easy to use and if there are problems I can always visit here for a possible solution.

My daughter and I share this PC (both administrative accounts) and I have noticed that when I sign in after my daughter has been on the PC I get the little Windows warning shield telling me that Comodo is switched off and no firewall is working. When I then hover the mouse over the task bar icons it takes a few seconds before any text appears and then I get the "yourComputer set to custom all systems are up and running"message and the windows warning disappears.

I am sure this is not a real problem and some sort of glitch with Windows but has anyone else encountered this and is there a solution. I worry that my PC is unprotected even if only for a few seconds.

I tend to use the switch user function rather than logging off although I have tried it both ways and still get the same warning each time.
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I get this too. XP Home, latest security updates. Otherwise works great, and am impressed.


I’ve seen a few of these cropping up over the last week or so. Here’s one thread to that effect:,7036.msg51331.html#msg51331

You will note that Roy indicates if he turns off Fast User Switching in XP and goes back to the Classic interface like W2K, he doesn’t experience the issue.

Hopefully some info in there will be of assistance.