Windows reporting multiple spyware programs

I have just installed Avast free and Comodo Firewall 10. To state the obvious I want Avast for the Virus and Spyware side of things and Comodo purely for the Firewall side.

Windows Action Centre is reporting there are multiple Spyware programs running i.e. Avast and Comodo (see attached screenshots) even though I have turned off VirusScope within Comodo as I assume this the component monitoring Spyware.

Any ideas of what component within Comodo I should turn off to avoid this clash?

Thanks in advance.

There will be no problems with Windows reporting two anti-spyware programs running, comodo registers itself for that category so you don’t get warnings that you do not have any anti-spyware installed. You can’t disable any component of CFW for Windows to report it being turned off.

Thank you! :slight_smile: