windows processes

Can you recommend a program that checks the windows process (process in taskbar)?

Hello miske84bg,

I’m not sure what you mean by “checks” but if you need more detailed information about processes on your system you can use Process Explorer from Microsoft (former Sysinternals).,MSDN.10).jpg

You can find it here

If you like to control what applications that load in your systray (taskbar right) you can use autoruns from them.,MSDN.10).jpg

Which you can find here

Hope this answers your question.

nice program ;D ,i want program who check viruses in windows processes

Are you talking about virusess that have a legit name like svchost.exe but are not signed and located in the wrong folder location ? (should be in c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe)

Every normal Anti-virus should be able to detect them, if they have a signature for it that is…
You can use process explorer to show you the signatures from the vendors and let it check online for validity.
If it’s not signed then it might be worth investigating further.

If you are talking about injecting in to process memory you need a HIPS (Host intrusion prevention).
This will alert you if a application is trying to access other applications memory. This is done by the Defense+ engine of CIS (Comodo Internet Security).


This is also a interesting tool: