Windows preventing CIS at Boot time

This has been going on for some time, just did not think it was a very large problem. When booting up Windows is blocking some programs from loading, need to start them myself. For a long period of time there were several and now there is only one, CIS. It seems this is not recognized by Windows there fore not allowed to start in automatic. My AntiVirus program by Avira was also prevented from starting and is now being allowed. Why not CIS?

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My system is within my sig,

Hi NTxLS, I’m not sure what you mean by Windows not recognising the start-ups… what exactly do mean by this? Does it simply mean not running? Also, did you confirm that these various other applications are indeed not starting… as in no entry in the Task Manager? The absence of a systray icon, for instance, does not necessarily mean an application is not running (as you probably know).

Also is there anything in the Windows Event logs that is related to these start-up failures?

Also (last one) since CIS seems to be the only application not effected, it’s probably a good idea to check all of CIS’ event logs to ensure it’s not the cause. :slight_smile:


Sorry about the delay in getting back to this, spent the last couple of days installing SP2 for Vista Home Premium.

CFP.exe is shown in the Task Manager and CCleaner is showing that is also installed and operational. The ICON is not shown in the system tray, and the Virus Update will not take place unless it is there. Plus the HIPS gives NO warnings if the ICON is not present.

I had been getting an ICON about “Windows is blocking some unrecognized programs from starting” or words to that effect. If I right-click on that ICON a short menu appears with about four selections, one is to allow the blocked programs to start and CIS is the only one displayed. Now that ICON from Windows is not shown until I have gone to the Start/(red button)Shut Down and then that ICON is displayed and is USELESS to start CIS as the system is shutting down. The only other method to get the CIS ICON in the SysTray is to go through the Start/All Programs/COMODO/COMODO Internet Security/COMODO Internet Security and then all will function normally. Even if I have started CIS and the ICON is there Windows still gives the ICON about blocking some programs.

All of the other programs have completed normally, automatically, and are no longer a problem.

The Windows Event logs are not an item I have worked with, yet, and will take some time for me to decipher any relevant information. Unless you can give me some guidance as where to look for what you think may show some relevance.

Thank you for reading my problem and giving some HELP or guidance.

Erm… by the Vista installation remark, should I assume this problem has survived a major OS upgrade from, say, XP to Vista? :wink:

Also, to confirm, currently CIS is only application not showing in the system tray & although running, looses functionality(?). Is that correct?

The right-click Menu from the “unrecognized program” icon, with the four options. I don’t have a clue what that is about, but it’s obviously quite capable of breaking certain elements CIS. UAC possibly? Can you reproduce it? If so, do it again & grab some screen shots. Any other security applications installed? Also please confirm the exact version of CIS you have, thanks.

In saying all that & asking all those questions, there are other reasons why systray icons might be disappearing. It’s actually a common phenomena* dating back to Windows 2000. Sometimes it’s caused by automatic logins. Sometimes the icon will return if you loggoff and login back in again. Sometimes it impacts the Network icon. Sometimes nobody has a clue what’s happening. That’s probably incorrect, most times nobody has a clue. Some say it may be provoked, somehow, by the application concerned and yet, it impacts system components as well. So, I’m doubtful. However, I do not remember this impacting CIS’ abilities to issue alerts, etc before. But, it can be a messy & confusing issue. Sorry. (:AGL)

Event Log (Vista): I think this article from TechRepublic explains better than I could. :slight_smile:

*it made me chuckle

Excuse me for this mess, started to quote your message and answer as I came to the next question, WRONG! Will attempt to answer them as I read them below.

Vista came installed on this system, not an upgrade, except just a couple of days ago did upgrade from SP1 to SP2. This was happening before that upgrade. Never have had any other O/S on here.

Confirm CIS only security App not shown with ICON in SysTray and AV and Defense+ not doing any alerts. If I click on the CIS under Start/All Programs/Comodo Internet Security/Comodo Internet Security to bring up the control center the ICON will be displayed and when closing down as reported previously Windows will still report it is blocking some programs from starting and I can start it if I like or remove it, which I usually START it; except when closing down my system. Not able to grab any screen shots as the only time, most of the time, it will show it’s ugly notation is when closing down for the day. Maybe if it will show again normally that will be done, screen shots, other wise if I do a continuous search for info on that at either µSoft (Microsoft) or on the web there may be some info that I can get for you.

Yes, it can be reproduced every time my system is restarted, usually daily or maybe a short number of days depending on my other functions or Honey Do’s from my spouse, I am retired and my only real job is keeping house, doing meals and taking care of my Wife.

As for other security applications installed; avast! Antivirus, (the following are not auto starting) SUPERAntiSpywareFreeEdition, HijackThis, Spybot - Search & Destroy/w TeaTimer (TT is an autostart program); the last three are only run when I feel a need (less Tea Timer of course).

Comodo Internet Security/w Defense+ Product version : v3.10.102363.531, Virus Signature Database Version : 1608

The common phenomena dating back to Windows 2000 may be true for some systems, but; this is the only O/S ever on this computer, Automatic Login is not used, will attempt a logoff and back in again to see if that will do any good. Not connected to any network, only the internet by hard wire. I am joining the club “nobody has a clue what’s happening.” As for the provoked, I have been very nice to this system and that has not helped and even some what nasty which did not help either.

Just clicked on Even Viewer and Windows presented a box:

Consent UI for administrative applications stopped working and was closed

A problem caused the application to stop working correctly.
Windows will notify you if a solution is available.

			(Radio Button)Close

NO information on a solution for that problem nor the one below.

(RED Circled White) “X” with C:\Windows\System32\eventvwr.msc

File system error (-1073741790).

I have had that error code before with attempting to start other programs and did a search on Google that shown several other error codes that did not match what I had, NO HELP! So what that means is the Event Viewer will not come up for me to review at this time. Maybe with a reboot it will work.

I will end this here and check out the links you have provided as they seem to be rather lengthy and I am a slow reader.

kail or whomever reads this,

As a followup to the afore mentioned problem. Windows blocking the startup of CIS. This blocking is accomplished by Windows Defender/Tools/Software Explorer/Not Yet Classified. Also just found this link on this very subject:

with the usual triple “W” and http added as required.

The PopUp Box by Windows is also shown, which I have yet to get a screen shot as it only shows when I have clicked on Shut Down for the evening and am not able to move fast enough to get and save the screen shot 4 U.

Have not used their ‘fix’ yet as I just discovered that and wanted to post this information here to show you also that I am still on the track looking for some HELP as others may be doing and could use, maybe, this info.

It also looks as though there could be a problem with the early startup of CIS on Vista as their solution is to NOT have an early startup. At least that is all I have been able to read so far.

Same subject, different approach to this problem. Anyone know anything about a little program, “Smart UAC Replacement” and how effective it really is? How secure it may be as a solution to some of MSs UAC POP-UPs?

I have done it, that is replaced MSs UAC with “Smart UAC Replacement” and my problems with UAC popups have gone Bye-Bye. If anyone wants more info on this “Smart UAC Replacement” may PM me for that info or do a search on one of your favorite search engines.

Thank you for reading this and any favorable responses, hope there will not be any Un-favorables,

I have seen this before, this could be caused by shortcut’s in the startup folder that need administrative privileges, while logging in as a normal user this will cause trouble, vista won’t allow this.

Can you check your startup items and see if CIS is there ? and if so check it’s properties for “run as administrator” items checked ? And if it’s there it’s not by default, it should be started from the systems registry on the \run key.