Windows Operator System is the whole time being blocked by the firewall


My Comodo is blocking a lot of connections of the “windows operator system”. The only thing that changes is the origin ip and origin port.


I’m using default settings.

I have not used these connections. I though just the system. It’s not a problem by itself because the system is working fine. But the firewall is anoying while it blocks an infinite number of these connections.

What should I do?


Do you run any torrent applications?

Thank you OmeletGuy for your prompt reply.

I use utorrent, but it happens when it’s not running too.
Also, I set up the Virtual Server (NAT) of my ADSL Router to open connections to torrent. Maybe is it?

Is port 19584 your selected port to except utorrent connections on?

If so what is probsbly happening is when you close the app others do not realise this and may still keep sending requests. As you are not running the app and therefore have no port listening/ready to except incoming connections Comodo will block the packets.
These blocked actions are given the title Windows Operating System.



I got it.

Thanks Matty_R