Windows Operating System

Hi, I recieve message: Block or access the Windows Operating System process. Always I blocked this process. In log written:
WOS Blocked TCP 49549 443 29.04.2011
WOS Blocked ICMP Type(3) Code(3) 27.04.2011

In future I need access or block this process?
My config WIN7/CIS Firewall/UAC disabled/445 port blocked/135 port blocked

Windows Operating System is a pseudo process that takes care of connections when the process that initiated the connection is no longer available to service those connections.

In Windows this function is handled by System Idle Process, (WOS in CIS and SIP in Windows are analogues and have the same PID) You can see SIP doing something similar if you run netstat from the command prompt and look at connections in a TIME_WAIT state. The PID is 0 (zero).

Blocking WOS shouldn’t have any adverse effects on the overall functionality of the firewall.

Thanks Radaghast.