windows Operating System outbound connections blocked

I see that Comodo CIS Premium Database Version 28528 is blocking every attempt to connect to the Windows Operating System Windows 8.1 PRO X64. Comodo is detecting network intrusions and block these attacks.

The following attacks are since Wednesday blocked and today again the counter is standing on more then 100 attacks, the following IP’s are being blocked:

The following Destination Ports are blocked:

UDP 53

The following Directions are being blocked by these attacks in and outbound.

This is the first time i see in the connection log what is happening and i am happy that Comodo blocks all attacks but what is happening is someone trying to hack mine system or is this an robot attack from infected systems ddos maybe?

The IP started with 156.xx points to Neustar INC in the USA and place is Sterling

The IP started with 52.xx points to an blocked African connection

Can someone tell me what is going happening here.

You’ll find that they both come back to Amazon basically

Ok thanks for explaining but why is this happen, what is the purpose todo so much attacks.

I don’t think you’re under attack. It’s more than likely you have some application ‘phoning home’ now and again

Post a shot of the intrusion log you’re seeing


Where can i found the log. There is no such application that i use for calling home or there must be an hidden application but for so far i know no phone calling software on mine system.

I think he means this:

Neustar is a DNS provider that has been acquired by Comodo several years ago. The IP address you are seeing is one of two Comodo Secure DNS servers that Comodo has used in the past. You probably have and set as your DNS servers.

Port 53 UDP is used for DNS lookups. UDP is a stateless protocol which means there are no checks if data arrived or not. It sometimes happens that a server responds late and the firewall no longer considers it an answer to a request done by a program. The firewall will then flag the traffic as unsolicited incoming traffic and block it. I expect that the logs will show that the traffic at port 53 UPD is coming from It is not something to worry about. It is not an attack but DNS server responding late.

I use Comodo Ice Dragon and have set DNS to Comodo DNS due installation. Everyday the same blocks from ICMP to Neighbour Sollicitation and i have also many hijack attempts on mine Digital Receiver that is connected with the cloud radio. I am happy that Comodo is safe guarding me it drives me really crazy al those attempts. Why doesn’t warn comodo me with an pop-up when it blocks . For now i feel safe.

You can set CIS to alert you for incoming connections using the Stealth Ports Wizard. The wizard will change the Global Rules so that you will be alerted but you will have to answer each time it happens.

That being said. I would simply let it block without notification. What you are seeing is the background noise of the web for which you have the firewall to not have to think about when your proverbial door is being knocked.