Windows Operating System is trying to connect to the Internet

Hey Comodo geeks,
Got myself an Android Phone months ago and used the Wifi of my Home Router which has my main PC connected to it by wire. After some days passed by , on my PC randomly I used to see a limited connectivity error and my firewall displaying an alert: “Windows Operating System is trying to connect to the Internet” a few times and then I’ve never seen this issue again.
Just wanna know whats wrong and what triggered this issue.
Screenshot of the firewall alert has been posted below.

[attachment deleted by admin]

First things first, set your mind at rest as this is not an Internet connection, it’s actually a local scope multicast - it’s only happening between devices on your LAN, not beyond. That aside, usually, when Windows Operating System kicks in, it means whichever process is usually responsible for handling the connection, can’t.

You’ll notice from the alert that it’s actually about UPnP, specifically it’s an SSDP Notify - it may be your Android connection, what do you use, it may be any other device that can use UPnP - and svchost is usually the process responsible for handling these sorts of connection, although it’s also possible there may be some dedicated third-party application needed. Regardless, because the ‘real’ process is unavailable - possibly something to do with firewall rules - WOS picks up the connection in it’s place.

At the end of the day, these connections are nothing to worry about but it would probably be a good idea to find out why WOS is being used instead of the ‘real’ process.

Hey Radaghast,
Thanks for taking the time to help me out .
It looks like I’ve wrongly assumed that this issue has stopped weeks ago bcoz I can still see something related to windows operating system being blocked currently.
Another weird thing thats confusing me is why the date of the most recent event is being displayed as 28/1/2013 when my system date is set to 27/1/2013.
Here’s the screenshot:

[attachment deleted by admin]

That address is slightly different, it’s actually and IGMPv3 (Internet Group management protocol) discovery message and is used by routers to ascertain whether or not devices on the LAN are joining any multicast groups, so they can forward messages.

Your probably seeing these because your firewall application rules for the System process is to restrictive. you may also find, assuming you don’t need it, that you can disable multicast forwarding in your router.

Yeah I recently hardened my firewall and D+ settings using Chirons guide on Comodo Firewall.
So that may be the cause for these alerts.
I will look into disabling multicast forwarding when I get some free time.
Thank you.