Windows operating system is trying to connect to the internet...

CIS Premium 5.3.176757.1236
RAM 6.00 GB

Hello everyone,
My system has been running extremely slow lately. I ran a full scan yesterday and nothing was found. Just now, I got this Comodo pop-up and explanation:
Windows operating system is trying to connect to the internet.
Application: Windows operating system
Firewall alert description: is trying to connect to the internet.
Advise: windows operating system is a pseudo-process rather than a normal process and therefore the firewall could not detect the real process behind the connection request. This usually happens when a computer is configured as an internet connection server (ICS). Such alerts may also be caused by many other utilities like VP clients or packet sniffers.

Am I infected with something? What should I do? Thanks.

Just normal Inter net traffic. is an IGMP multicast address. If the Windows Operating System process is trying to make this connection, it may be your rules for the System process are blocked. post a screen shot of your application rules.

Where do I find the rules?

Found them. Attached…

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Your rules are very confused. You seem to want to block certain types of communication on your LAN but not much else. What is the IP address range and subnet mask for your LAN (look under the Network Zones tab)

Zones tab attached. Is subnet mask included in this screenshot? If not, where is it?

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The subnet is included, it’s the part of the zone.

Your network zone for Home Network is:

The subnet mask basically tells us which part of the address belongs to the network and which part of the address belongs to each PC. in this case the network part is;

192.168.1 and the PC part is any number between 1 and 254.

In your application rules, you can delete the rule you have for svchost.exe, as everything it needs, to be able to function, is covered by the ‘Windows System Applications’ rule. Unless you’re using Windows 7 Homegroups? You can also delete all the rules for System, below the first two, as they serve no purpose.

maybe you should post a screen shot of your Global rules, too.

Ok. I haven’t deleted anything yet. I was told before to use the Windows 7 Workgroup instead of the Homegroup. I had trouble once before when I ended up having my pc and laptop on 2 different networks. Here’s some screenshots. Should I still delete everything listed previously?

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Sorry. Here’s the global rules.

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You are indeed part of a Windows 7 Homegroup, so you need to have svchost.exe configured to support communication between your LAN PCs. The easiest way to do that:

  1. Delete the last four rules for System, just leave the two rules for Home Network
  2. Select the rule for Svchost and click Edit
  3. delete the existing rules
  4. Select Use a Custom Policy, then copy From (see image)

The rule for Svchost should look the same as the rule for System. just two rules that allows In and Out to the Home Network

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