Windows Operating System is Blocked - Network Intrusions/Blocks Apps

So for some reason or another. Comodo blocked “Windows Operating system” It goes into the Thousands most days. I’ve attached the log from the firewall. I have Comodo on my Laptop, and it doesn’t do this at all. Just on my desktop. It will also say in Blocked Applications > “Windows operating system” and will go nuts. It gives no explaination. Just says blocked. I’ll then unblock it. I noticed that when I did unblock one of the WOS, Notifications started popping up again, emails, windows updates. etc.

I did a full system scan almost 2 hours worth. (1 SSD and 1HDD) Came out clean, nothing to worry about at all.

It’s been awhile since I’ve used Comodo anything. I just used the windows firewall, and windows AV, but decided to go back to Comodo, Been 2.5 years now, and I’m still clean. lol. However, I feel safer knowing I have comodo, since I’ve been using it for many many years before i stopped using it. I love the way it looks, and the more control we have over it. Definitely big improvement! Just confused as to what’s going on with this. lol.

Thank You!

I guess the real mystery is why this kind of traffic was blocked to begin with.

What the logs are most likely showing is your router is trying to figure out what computer owns various IPs… but Comodo is blocking it. But the router is the DHCP server that manages IPs, so it really wants to know who claims to own the IP. Possibly in response to DHCP requests or acknowledges your computer is already sending out. ARP traffic is essentially any computer’s method to find out what mac address to send IP traffic to, over Ethernet. Once it gets a response, it stores it in the ARP cache for a while and won’t ask again.

Normally the most common reason for that kind of thing to show up in the logs is if a program was listening on a port but has since exited. There will be no process to associate the incoming traffic to, so Windows Operating System shows up instead.

Hi Darkmage4,

Thank you for reporting, we will investigate the issue.

Hi Darkmage4,

Could you please check your Inbox for personal message and provide the requested logs.

You have anti-arp spoofing enabled which isn’t need on a network you trust or have control over. What you are seeing is blocked gratuitous ARP packets being blocked because of that setting. For some reason your router is sending you gratuitous ARP request or reply packets, in the past you used to be able to alowl such packets while still being protected from ARP spoofing.

Ok, so I disabled it, had to disable the firewall because it was blocking my network. I have a Verizon MiFi, Jetpack 8800L, Tethered in USB. Which I assume it’s because it’s an unusual way of connecting to the internet, non via WiFI Dongle/internal wifi, or Ethernet? (I found the tether to be faster connection than using the wifi Dongle which is a 2Ghz and 5Ghz dongle, though worked, I saw half the speed I was supposed to get. lol) I’m about to enable the firewall now, and will continue the post to see what happens after 5 minutes of it being connected.

Ok, some time has passed, no more Network intrusions nor is it being Blocked. Thanks!

Thanks! But it seems to be fixed now!