Windows Operating System intrusion Blocked by Comodo Firewall [Resolved]


My first post here…

When I run BitComet, the no. of connections jump from <100 to 2-3k …without any torrent loaded…
Also, on closing BitComet, the firewall starts blocking intrusions to Windows Operating System from different IPs at the rate of 1 per 2-3s. The port is same as used by BitComet.

Is this anything to be worried about??


Hi aakashblue,

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What you see is pretty normal. When you close your Torrent client it takes time for others to stop requesting packets from you.
Here is a post that explains how to add a Firewall rule to keep your logs clean of this “noise”, while still blocking of course.;msg366946#msg366946

Also the active connection window has been known to be a little slow so it can seem like a crazy whack of connections sometimes while torrenting.

So, Worry? No.

Ask back here if you need more help on this.


Welcome. Is that big amount of traffic of BitComet continuously or only shortly after it was started?

Bad Frogger is pointing to the fact that the Active Connection window is a bit slow to react to slow connections.

However when BC starts it will dynamically test your connection to see what its capacity is. That will shortly create an abundance of connections which sometimes can upset a modem or router as has happened to me.


thanks for replying :slight_smile:

@Bad Frogger: I’ll add firewall rule to keep logs clean

@EricJH: after your reply, I noticed, that big amount of traffic is for a short period (5mins), after that it settles to <50 inbound and outbound connections…so it seems things are fine

thanks for clearing my doubts, this single issue made me run number of different spyware cleaners as instructed by bleeping computer team… ;D

it doesn’t show any intrusions now :wink:

ok…just one more thing…I added a rule for port used by BitComet,

but it won’t let me add the port used by uTorrent…
(1) there is no option to add two ports - it’s either any/single/set of ports/port range
(2) doing it as a separate entry doesn’t work - the message is : the entry already there…

can anything be done ? Shall I just use the same port for both clients?

If you right click on the Windows Operating System rule you made, then select Edit,

In this window select Add,
Then you can repeat what you did for BitComet, with the Utorrent port.
Describe or name it to avoid confusion, click Apply, Apply to get out.

Then you should have the 2 blocking and not logging rules listed under Windows Operating System.
As always just ask if confusing.


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That worked :slight_smile: …didn’t know what I was doing wrong.

Thank you …wonderful forum (very responsive)

You’re welcome.

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