Windows Operating System could not be recognized

I keep getting this popup now. It seems somewhat strange that the OS itself cannot be recognized. What does it actually mean?

Is this the first time you noticed this or is it starting to happen more often since you first got the alert? Do you know what exactly you were doing at the time this alert appeared? It could be that the firewall was unable to determine the process responsible for making the connection and therefore just showed the Windows Operating System as the source of the traffic.

I’ve had similar messages before which said System could not be recognized. Since I posted I haven’t seen this messages again. Is there a log somewhere? Sometimes I here the popup sound but don’t get back to the computer and the popup has gone.

It’s not just Windows Operating System alerts, Comodo is giving alerts with network connections attempts for wrong processes. I run irc client at all times and although there is only one connection in irc client to server, every 10-30 mins i get alerts of connection attempts that are what i believe to be chrome processes trying to connect that Comodo thinks are irc clients. It’s a nightmare blocking processes except for only some outgoing ips now.

This has happened with other processes too for me, such as ShareX. Comodo would assign wrongly outgoing attempts to ShareX as well. They really need to address this since it is nuisance and probably security flaw.