Windows operating system blocked

I am receiving over 150 "blocks " per day for “windows operating system”, I have been through every configuration I can think of and still not resolved. Any ideas what I need to do to allow this access?

Could you include more information? Without knowing your config, it is not possible to help.

Are you running in Safe mode, Paranoid mode? Maybe include screen prints of the blocking etc.

This is normal behaviour when the Stealth Ports Wizard has been set to Block All Incoming Connections. Have you set the SPW as that??

I get this as well, AFAIK it doesn’t cause any problems.

Yes, I do have SPW configured to block all incoming connections.

No problem, glad I could help :slight_smile:

Hello I am also having the same problem and read that if I unchecked the notifiy rule that it would quit telling me about the blocked windows operating system. I do have the port wizard set to stealth all my ports and this is fine. Just trying to get it to quit telling me about it. Still kind of new at this so any help would be great.


Iam also having this problem.I did selected the Stealth Ports Wizard set to Block All Incoming Connections.

It doesn’t cause any problems…

If i selected the Stealth Ports Wizard set to Block All Incoming Connections…That is for unsolicitated incoming connections from internet…right ?

So ? Windows operating system got to do with that ?

Is there a process called as Windows operating system ? (I know this sounds as stupid,but why it is saying Windows operating system blocked.I cant understand.)

Can anyone explain this clearly ?