Windows operating system blocked home netwoek IP ?

so was just looking threw logs and i noticed that there was 2 intrusions at the time and i noticed it was on a home network IP

Windows Operating System > Blocked > In > ARP > > No ports > > No ports

i had 2x of the same thing > while look threw my routers attached devices the IP is assigned to my sisters iPhone

what could this possible mean also WTH is ARP again ? i honestly cant remember

ARP is Address Resolution Protocol its used to resolve network layer addresses into link-layer addresses i.e. it converts IP addresses into Ethernet (mac) addresses.

well im actually glad someone finally replied - usually no one replys at all to the threads i make on these forums

so im guessing i should not be so worried about this ? or what

i dont see why this would randomly just start popping up - its done it 4 times within today

Correct .