Windows operating system blocked every 15 seconds

:-\ I’ve been having some issues with my Comodo av and firewall. In the interest of time I will be asking for advice on the main issue of annoyance at the moment.

I recently noticed that my Comodo firewall has been “detecting” a lot of intrusion attempts. When I checked the event log almost 100% of them were entitled “windows operating system”.

I did some searching on the forum, and some testing and found out that the intrusion detections would stop if I paused or stopped all utorrent downloads.

Now I know that similar issues like this have been addressed on this forum, but after looking those up and looking at their screen shots and attempting their solutions I have found that something MUST be different.

I concluded such a thing because the solutions that worked for them, did NOT work for me. Furthermore, as you will see in the screen shot I have attached these block issues are on ICMP protocol not UDP TP protocols.

These intrusions are getting to be a real annoyance. (I’m up to 1250 already). So help would be much appriciated.

Thank you.

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Hi, Not sure if this helps but I had similar problem - take a look at this link and see if it could be a similar issue - took me a few emails to get it right but now sorted.;msg378771#msg378771


Are you using a p2p client like uTorrent? Was it running at the time you got the alerts? If that is the case then apparently uTorrent is not listening for ICMP alerts (Destination port unreachable from what I can see in the logs).