Windows Operating System blocked by firewall : normal ?

Hello, could you help ? I see that the firewall is blocking “Windows Operating System”. Is that normal ? How could I solve this problem ? See details below.

Journaux COMODO Internet Security
Table : Journal du pare-feu
Date de création : 22/05/2009 09:52:24
Historique du journal : Aujourd’hui
Nombre d’enregistrements : 6
Date/Heure Application Action IP d’origine Port d’origine IP de destination Port de destination Protocole
05/22/09 09:05:22 Windows Operating System Blocked IGMP
05/22/09 09:13:23 Windows Operating System Blocked IGMP
05/22/09 09:20:43 Windows Operating System Blocked IGMP
05/22/09 09:28:47 Windows Operating System Blocked IGMP
05/22/09 09:50:04 Windows Operating System Blocked IGMP
05/22/09 09:51:32 Windows Operating System Blocked IGMP


From the information you have provided, I cannot identity the exact cause.

Are you using any applications like Utorrent ?

Can u sent the screen shot of the Application rules and Global rules in Comodo Firewall?

FYI, The Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) is a communications protocol used to manage the membership of Internet Protocol multicast groups. The IGMP protocol may be used by uPnP applications.(i.e., netmeeting, utorent, Bit Lord etc.,)

By default, COMODO firewall blocks all unknown traffic to protect your computer from the intruders.

I don’t use Utorrent but Newsbin Pro.
You will find attached the screen shots requested.
Thanks for your help.

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This Is Not Because Of Your Newsbin Pro. It’s Blocked By The Global Rule Which You Have Set “Block And Log IP In From IP Any To Ip Any Where Protocol Is Any”. If You Have Setup This Rule By Yourself, Then Its Normal You Get “Blocked” In The Firewall Events

The things that are blocked ar broadcasts. You can safely allow them by making them a trusted zone and then using the Stealth Ports Wizard to add it to your global rules. Follow this tutorial by Gibran:;msg84965#msg84965 .