Windows Operating System Blocked as Intrusion Attempt on [RESOLVED]

Hello Everyone,

First, without a doubt CFP v3 is slap-you-in-the-face impressive. I almost feel guilty paying nothing for it (I’ll get over it soon 88)).

Here’s the sitch: CFP logged 25 intrustion attempts related to Windows Operating System, screen shot included. I thought it might be Windows updater so I ran it but it didn’t seem to be the cause. Fyi, I am logged as an Administrator, running XP Pro SP2 on an Intel dual processor.

If there is a post already running on this, just show me where. Otherwise, any help would be greatly appreciated!


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There’s a topic about this, but no wonder you didn’t found it because topics get buried here in the “help for v3” board in no time:


Thanks Japo. As a good Comodo member, I’ve added a post to that topic.


Well done. :slight_smile:

Okay then I’ll lock this thread and tag is as resolved for better forum tidiness. If someone wants it reopened at any time just PM me or any other mod.