Windows operating system being blocked.

Hello forum.
Could anybody tell me if this is normal behavour please.I enabled firewall logging and was presented with this.I have not changed any rules etc after install.

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Are you suing a p2p application?

No.I dont use any software like that at all.looking at my logs these inbound connections are being blocked on a regular basis and im not even sure why.

If you’re on Windows 7/8 and have IPv6 tunnelling enabled - it is by default - it could be the iphlpsvc. Take a look at:

Suspicious incoming connections
svchost.exe port 57398: What’s going on here?

Although the threads mention p2p, these connections can be seen without these applications present.

The log may tell you a few scenarios. I assume you have no particular reasons on the most of OSI seven layers.

I do not know which resources are precisely included in CIS’s Windows Operating System by design. Without knowing it, it is unreasonable if this appears a program or driver (e.g. an external device that temporarily connect with your PC) attempts to communicate with a program/driver that uses UDP 46246 port via using interoperably a Windows Operating System resource. Because there are some number of different source IP addresses indicated. Focusing to this point, I would take it someone may attempt UDP port scans to find out a program on your system that could use/listen the UDP 46246 to his/her concerns. To verify this symptom, you may want to pay further attentions in some more days. Watching activities on ‘Killswitch’ using with a TCP/IP packet analyzer may be of helps.

I think its the MS-DOS directory service trying to connect.i dont do any form of file sharing so i assume i can keep this blocked.