Windows open then close straight away - anyone else seen this?


I’ve been using V3 fairly much since it came out. Experienced some of the problems with the early versions and uninstalled it for a while, but thought I’d give it another go a couple of months back and it’s been fine up until tonight.

Basically, whenever I opened certain windows (windows update, game explorer and computer properties to name three) the window would flash up and then immediately close again. Checked a few things, went through the logs, did a system file check and nothing came up. Took a punt that it might be the firewall so updated it to the latest version - same thing. Uninstalled it completely and hey presto everything is working again.

I have to admit that once again my faith in CFP has been shaken and no doubt I’ll be looking around for alternatives (and probably not finding any decent ones again) but can anyone enlighten me as to what might have happened - should I dare putting it back on and trying again?


I have never heard of your problem. I have Comodo on my laptop and desktop working great. I am a gamer but I never heard of game explorer. What setting do you have the firewall and D+ on? What version of Comodo are you using? Windows Update launched Internet Explorer by default. Do you have Internet Explorer and web browser under the firewall rules?

Comodo has fixed many bugs up to this point, Mark.

Download the latest version and see how it goes for you.


Thanks for the replies. To answer your questions:

Game Explorer is new to Vista but part of the OS - it checks to see what games you have installed (if they support game explorer) and then lists them for you in one place so they are easier to launch and update.

I had the firewall as Train (safe mode) and D+ as Clean PC (from what I recall anyway).

Internet Explorer was working fine. Windows Update no longer works through IE for vista - if you go to the Windows Update Website it simply tells you run Windows Update from the start menu in Vista.

I’m not sure which version I was on when I first noticed the problem, but I then updated to the latest version and it made no difference unfortunately. I tend to think the fault lies with the D+ part of the program rather than the firewall. I notice I won’t be the first to say that I wish there was a way to install only the firewall and skip the D+ stuff alltogether.

I’ve left Comodo on my laptop for the time being as it seems to be fine there, but on the desktop I’m afraid I’m going to go with Sophos Endpoint Security (which I can get through work) and see how that goes instead for the time being - sorry.

I recently had SP1 installed and had very simalar problems, the IE problems came later. Now you know you will have something to look forward to. The Vista forum has a rash of these kind of reports since SP1 has been included
in automatic updates.