windows needs to install driver software for your unknown device

Okay guys does anyone have any idea what may have happened and a fix if possible…
I completely uninstall cis 3.8 with revo and after uninstall I ran eusing registry cleaner… After completing uninstall and registry clean I restarted computer and everything started normal… I decided to uninstall boclean since it was included with cis 3.9… Once again used revo to uninstall and eusing to clean registry…Upon restart I noticed windows was trying to install a device driver and was unable to do so…Attached you will see the window that pop up after windows was unable to install device software… My question why would uninstalling boclean create this problem and if it may have does anybody know a fix…

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Please can you provide more info. Which driver is it trying to install?


Thanks Eric for the reply… That is where the problem is… I have no idea what the driver is… The only thing I did to have this problem arise was the uninstall of boclean… My os is Vista… I ended up doing a system restore and everything is back to normal… I do have one question when cis 3.9 does go final will boclean be part of the final and if it is will an unistall of boclean be necessary before the install of 3.9

Boclean will be part of CIS 3.9, albeit a very modified version with a much smaller footprint. It will more than likely be strongly advisable to uninstall your copy of boclean before using 3.9 final.


Hi Donut,

Boclean is currently included in the 3.9 Beta so Yes, it’ll be included in the file. You don’t need to install BoClean, just like you don’t need Comodo Memory Firewall or Comodo Safe Surf because the BO protection is already built into CIS.

I suggest you click “Locate and Install Driver” which hopefully it will do automaticallly. Sometimes there’s a Installing Driver icon on the sytem tray. Right Clicking that may give more information as to which driver it’s trying to install.


I had this problem when I uninstalled BOClean using Advanced under Revouninstaller.

I believe the problem arises when you get rid of BOCDrive (or some similar name) from the Registry. From then on, at boot up Windows Vista detects an ‘unknown device’ driver to be installed and tries to find it.

I looked under Control Panel>System>Device Manager and found something like ‘Unknown Device’ listed. I right clicked on it and uninstalled it. That sorted the problem for me.

However, I don’t advocate doing this unless you are sure of what you are doing and have taken a Recovery Point prior to your actions.

Could anyone confirm the above to be the correct procedure?

So far it hasn’t caused me any problems.