windows mobile AV, what do you think?

Well, You can only loose trust once (Didn’t someone say that before)…

I think it comes to the point where we are dependant on Security Vendors and also Cell Phone Vendors to allow us to use a “Private and Stable/Secure Enviroment” for our Personal Use.

Maybe TOO Dependent, thats just my mind talking.

Soon, We’ll have Human AV and HIPS :stuck_out_tongue: … Not kidding either, Just take a look at Sarif Industries

I guess I’m confused…

Sarif Industries is a fictional corporation in the video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Are you saying you’re not kidding, but you’re actually kidding? :-\

Yes I’m kidding about sarif industries but not kidding about the idea;
Im sure in couple hundred years from now, we’ll have a device that is intergrated into the body thus can do a Scan of our whole body and remove the ‘infections’…