Windows Mobile 5

The root CA that Comodo uses is NOT trusted by the Windows Mobile 5.0 devices?

I saw a previous post where a CAB file was issued to be installed, is that available for download?




The other post is:,2855.0.html
You need to be logged into the forum to see the CAB file.

This would work for low numbers of mobile devices.

If you need alternative solutions, please submit a ticket to support at
with the details.


It is also untrusted for Palm based devices using VersaMail 3.5 or above.

You can however install a new trusted authority for Windows Mobile devices, but I don’t want to do that for every device. Some of these are never in the same geographical location. As far as I know, there is no method to expand the trusts list for Palm OS devices.

This needs to be fixed somewhere other than the user level. A kludge for my Exchange servers only fixes the symptom; it does not address the problem. I have multiple installations to worry about and it appears that as of now, Comodo certificates are unsuitable for any service that interacts with mobile devices.


This issue has been known for quite a while. Any chance it could be a FAQ instead of each SSL customer having to ask? Has any progress been made in adding Comodo as a trust provider? It doesn’t look good when my $100 & up certificate from Comodo fails, but a $20 certificate from GoDaddy works.


Our Comodo roots will appear in the next release of Windows Mobile.
There are other areas of the company working towards having our roots available in other products.
Getting the roots into all these areas is a long process that we have been working on.
and :■■■■ to the guys that have been doing that.

As per my previous email:
If you need alternative solutions, please submit a ticket to support at
with the details…they do have alternatives. :wink:


Thanks Garry.

I did submit a ticket and they offered to reissue the cert under a different root. That will hopefully solve the problem for me. Adding trusts is fine if you only have a handful of Windows Mobile devices and can get them in hand for the change, but it will not help Palm users who have no mechanism to change; I have both and the ratio of Palm:WM is about 3:1, so Palm support is essential.