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July 8, 2008: For XP OS, is the Vulnerabilities in DNS Could Allow Spoofing (953230) patch really needed if we already deleted the DNS Client service?

I guess not ;D

But if you removed DNS service with nLite Windows Update should not show you the possibility of an update 88)

You shouldn’t install the update if the DNS Client-service is gone, as it’ll give you back some/all of the files. You should now have a broken DNS Client-service.
Also, I don’t even know if it’s possible to update something that doesn’t exist.

This is what I think as well, but I’m glad Soya raised the topic (we discussed it over PM), so anyone can shed some light on it.

I won’t install this patch until anyone convince me that it should be done. Which might happen in a few posts?


!ot! but I got some updates for Vista today - Security, Performance and Reliability, Windows Mail Filter and some kind of dictionary update ! ;D More than 50 mb ! God ! I won’t install the last one for sure :-X

True clean freaks don’t install stuff unless they’re portable Best to consult with nerds before snatching the cheese from the mousetrap ;D.

I made the thread title broad to allow discussing any Win/M$ updates and for future patches since I don’t like to have to create a new thread for each month. Are you sure that patch is to improve security, performance reliability for Vista? Doesn’t look something M$ would deploy ;D.

LOL Soya ! That what it says. ;D I don’t know for sure, just like you ;D

I remember I once got an update from M$, this update suppose to check your Vista if it isn’t a cracked or OEM emulated one ;D What kind of an imbecile with cracked Vista would choose to install that ? ;D

I install the ones for XP to show Microsoft that they fail :stuck_out_tongue:

The Vista update is suppose to cure a lot of small problems quote below. ???

Here’s a little annoyance: Have you ever tried to delete a user account from Vista’s Control Panel, only to be responded to by your system sitting there in an endless loop, doing nothing? Then when you reboot, the account’s not gone? That’s one of the issues this performance update will address.

And what is it about Vista, after you leave your computer on for an “extended period of time” (A day? Two days?) makes it decide that Excel is no longer a valid application for you to run? How many times has this happened to you, to paraphrase a TV infomercial? That’s another bug Vista users should find gone, hopefully.

There’s also interesting little problems such as certain builds of NVidia drivers that cause high-definition audio streams to sound like they’ve been fed through a chipper-shredder, and Windows Mail (the replacement for Outlook Express) triggering a crash when traffic monitoring is enabled through Windows, and e-mail security through ZoneAlarm is active at the same time. These are the little, everyday affairs that some people really look forward to seeing gone. Quite possibly, they impact more users than the average newly discovered vulnerability.

It’ll be nice to see how well this latest round of patches addresses these and a host of other Vista-related issues.

At first I thought that this was an update that could have major consequences for those that did not install it


A security issue has been identified that could allow a remote attacker to misrepresent a system action or behavior unbeknownst to users on Microsoft Windows systems. You can help protect your computer by installing this update from Microsoft. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer

But then when searching for the Overview to post here I found that this update was a BIGGER Problem in itself !!Here is one of the many posts I found

got notified of 3 updates by MS; KB951748, KB951978, and the MRT monthly. I faithfully downloaded and installed all 3. After reboot, I could not get back onto the Web. Since KB951748, KB951978 are both IE security updates, I uninstalled them both, re-booted and was graciously let back on the Web. Of course MS wanted me to intall them, so sent another gold shield to let me know. Instead of re-installing both, I first re-installed KB951978, re-booted, and still got back on the Web, but when I re-installed KB951748, again, neither my FireFox 3 or IE 7 could browse, so uninstalled KB951748.

Do anyone think MS will fix that “fix” to actually allow use of IE? Or what
settings must I fiddle with to make my sytems work with the KB951748?

The same thing happened identically on 2 XP Pro SP3 systems, and I followed
the same install - uninstall procedure of the security updates. They both
work withOUT the KB951748 uninstalled.

Zone Alarm seems to have the most posts but it can happen to anyone using both IE and Firefox !

Been having connections problems over the last few days so I am not sure if it was the update or not.
I always run Ipconfig /release and Ipconfig/ flushdns and Turn Off the computer and power to it for several minutes and then reboot. The connections almost always come back.


Uncle, I moved your thread here since I prefer all posts related to KB updates etc. to be in one.

Thanks I will know were to put them later.

Just thought at the top of the list will catch there attention. When scanning all the topics many users will get a little tired when getting to the end and might miss something.


Sure, I can pin it as a sticky.

The new August 2008 timezone updates have been released, but not on Windows Update, so you need to manually download and install it. You can get it here:

Lot’s of new Timezone data. :expressionless:

That’s one of those that require WGA to download :-TD (unless some one figures out the Microsoft url).

KB951748 is one that doesn’t appear in the Technet site, which I’m guessing must be because it’s a disastrous update??? Can anyone confirm if it’s related to the DNS KB953230 one?

Here is the lsit of UpDates for July

This Month’s Security Bulletins
• MS08-040: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft SQL Server Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (941203)
• MS08-038: Vulnerability in Windows Explorer Could Allow Remote Code Execution (950582)
• MS08-037: Vulnerabilities in DNS Could Allow Spoofing (953230)
• MS08-039: Vulnerabilities in Outlook Web Access for Exchange Server Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (953747)

It is not listed there but in Help and Support
MS08-037: Description of the security update for DNS in Windows Server 2003, in Windows XP, and in Windows 2000 Server (client side): July 8, 2008
(951748) - Resolves a reported vulnerability that could allow spoofing in implementations of DNS in Windows Server 2003, in Windows XP, and in Windows 2000 Server.

But look at each, MS08-037 is the same for both !


Hi just installed the kb951748 and my internet just stopped working. I’m on comodo firewall v2. Anyone else having the same problem and does anyone have a solution?

thank you in advance

hello wth,

i assume you already have tried to reboot ?
can you still ping your default gateway ?
can you ping google by ip ?
can you ping google by ?

if all works you internet connection is fine. you can try to do a connection test to a webserver.
open a command box and enter the command below, this should give you a blinking cursor on the top left.
telnet 80 [enter]

if that works you have made a connection to the google webserver, therefore your problem could/should be browser related. Did you test with IE or Firefox ?

LOL, that’s easy to do! And yes, it requires WGA, since only security updates are non-WGA.

Here’s the direct download links for August 2008 cumulative time zone update (English):

Windows XP x86

Windows XP x64 (funny how it doesn’t require WGA)

Windows Vista x86

Windows Vista x64


This is not caused by Comodo, it’s caued by the update. Try doing a system restore. It’s also possible to remove the update by going to the Control Panel → Add/Remove Programs, and check the box that says ‘Show updates’. Then find KB951748 and remove it.
But try with Ronny’s suggestion first, although I guess this update will mess up the DNS Client.