Windows media sharing stopped working

I installed version 4 and now my PS3 can’t see my PC. I have gone in and added a port set with all ports that microsoft says needs to be open for sharing. I also went into my network security policy and added wmpnetwk.exe as a custom with no luck. I know it is the firewall because if I disable the firewall temporarily my PC pops right up.

For my port set:
5004 - 5005
50004 - 50013

For my application settings I have it set to allow TCP or UDP in/out from IP any to IP any where source and destination ports are in my port set.


If I remember correctly the default Global Rules have changed between 3.14 and 4 check firewall events to see what is being blocked, and add rules to Global Rules for incoming events that are blocked.

Or easy way change Global Rules with Stealth Port Wizard choose second option, you will then have alerts for incoming rules needed, you can always add a block all rule at the bottom after if you wish.