Windows Media Services--Can't Connect to Publishing Point With Media Player!

Hi All,

I just installed Comodo Firewall on my server (Server2003) which is running as a streaming media server, using Windows Media 9 Service. Although the firewall shows the service as allowed, I can’t connect with WinMedia Player10.

What do I have to do to get the connections to work? I also have a media player embedded in a web page, which cannot connect either!

Also—the “Define a New Trusted Application” button doesn’t work! Nor does the “Define a new Banned Application” button!

Do I have a bad installation, a corrupt application, or is Comodo Firewall incapable or incompatible with Server 2003?

I need a good firewall, but if I can’t run what I need/want to run through the firewall, I’ll need to look elsewhere! Hope someone can point me to a solution. Thanks for looking…


Welcome rickla.

I confess to know very little about Windows Media Services, however, it is likely you will need to create some Network Monitor Rules to allow UDP/TCP traffic for the two protocols used by WMS, namely RTSP and MMS.

There is a comprehensive ‘How to’ for this here:

When you say the buttons for Zone and Trusted don’t work, what actually happens when you click on either of these buttons? Also, are there any other options that don’t appear to work?


Is you Win2K3 Server 32Bit or 64Bit?