Windows Media Player etc.

After last update I got following problems:

  1. WebUpdater for Garmin Navigator didn’t work (blocked by firewall & defence? after I have accepted these programs in that pop-up-window)
    2: Trying to extract downloaded map with 7zip (blocked by defense+ after I have accepted in that pop-up-windows)
  2. Trying to install new map to my Garmin
  3. Defense+ won’t accept my response ( I choose YES REMEMBER MY ANSWER, after 2 sec. THIS PROGRAM MIGHT BE DANGEROUS TO YOUR COMPUTER, ARE YOU SURE (Yes I am)
  4. Defense? ask again row 4
  5. Answer: Yes, I,m sure
  6. After that it takes abt. 5 sec to Defence+, when it informs this program is possibly dangerous.
  7. OK, I accept, I known what I’m doing
  8. After 5 se. Defence+, don’t remember my answer

and this goes round and round

I have to had manually add files to trusted files, but I think, that if I tick Yes in pop-up window, it should go automatic to trusted files (programs)


:frowning: >:( >:( >:( >:(

Generally, repeated popups are for different processes. Many applications will want to alter several registry keys. Unless you look at the actual key D+ is asking you about, you will think it’s the same alert.

Did you try telling D+ to treat it as a trusted application from the popup? This should stop what can be perceived as duplicate alerts. (Obviously only do this if you do trust the application)

Yes, I have, but nothing seems to help


Starting Excel 2007
Comodo: Excel 2007 trying to get a contro to TMBHOOK.DLL
User: OK
2 seconds
Comodo: Excel 2007 trying to get a contro to TMBHOOK.DLL
User: OK
2 seconds
Comodo: Excel 2007 trying to get a contro to TMBHOOK.DLL
User: OK

excel starts

exit excel

start again

see above

exit excel

start again

see above

excel 2007 is trying to …

in every phase i push OK and remember my choice is chosen → won’t help

so, i have only one conclusion after what i have gone through

this program is not for those who want to use fully computer daily
Instead this software is the best for those who want to try different virus/firewall software

i just want, that if i choose that it’s ok for me, if the software check if there is new updates for program and there is, so download and install
now it’s totally impossible → download (Comodo: possible harmful to your computer, User: OK download anyway, same file 2 sec, Comodo: possible harmful to computer, User: Ok download, trying to download the same file (Comodo: possible harmful to your computer, User: WTF already accept this file

Don’t have time to teach and so on

Must give up




You normally have 3 options in the popup, “Allow”, “Block”, and “Treat this … as”. Choose the third option and in the dropdown list beside it, choose “Trusted” if you fully trust the application. Then you won’t have so many popups. You have these popups because you don’t allow ENOUGH. You only allow one thing at a time and the next time you are allowing something SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT. If you want to allow everything that the program does, use “Trusted” for Defense + and “Trusted” for firewall. Also note that many applications have more than one process that needs to run, such as an updater. Once you allow each process as “Trusted” you won’t have any popups.

What configuration are you running? Proactive Security or Internet Security? What are your Defense + settings (Defense + → Advanced)?

What happens when you delete the rules in D+ and Firewall for the affected executables and start them again; make them Trusted and see what happens.