Windows Media Center [Resolved]

I have Windows Vista Ultimate and cannot use the Windows Media Center portion without first turning off Comodo Firewall. No message comes up, just freezes with the Windows “circle” in the middle after I open the Media Center. I have to ctrl/alt/del to get to the box with task manager in it, but when I hit task manager, my computer goes black and I have to ctrl/alt/del again to get back to the box and then I can ask the computer to restart by using the red icons in the bottom right hand corner. Nothing else works once this freeze hits. Help!

(:m*) If issue returns PM an online mod to open thread

Strange. 88) Before I vLited my Vista Ultimate and removed Media Center from my install, I had Comodo and Media Center both of them working great. Try adding Media Center to your trusted applications in Comodo Firewall :slight_smile:

I was trying to find it, but could not see where it would be located in my computer.

I had to hit the windows key on the keyboard to answer the alerts from CPF3 so that the Media Center could run.
EDIT You could also try not running it at full screen so you can see the alerts

Do you get any messages in your CFP log for D+ or the firewall? What are your rules for Media Center. What other security software are you using? I have no problems with Media Center under Vista Ultimate. Just some alerts the first time used.

Or you can set the training mode in CFP 3 and then run Media Center. After it’s done, move back to your previous set up. It’s like Vettetech’s Game Mode ;D

I’m up and running. The suggestion that worked was the one that said to hit the “windows” key on the keyboard. Then the Comodo box came up and I have to give it 3 different permissions. Now it works. Thanks to all. PS Some of the suggestions were a little technical for some of us.