Windows Mail + CFP 3

System: Hp dv6636nr w/ Windows Vista Business clean install
After installing CFP v3 Windows Mail would fail to start with error stating it cant load MSOE.DLL. Disabling Defense+ and Firewall didn’t help. After uninstalling it works as normal.

Hello Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Is there anything in your Defense+ logs or Firewall?

Comodo → Defense+ → Events
Comodo → Firewall → Events

Thanks for the welcome. Unfortunately no, nothing in my logs… It seems like you only get something there if you get asked about something manually, not if it blocks something behind the scenes. Did I miss a setting somewhere to make the logs more robust?

edit: I found that you can go into each individual rule and check the box that says to log the event… this seems backwards to me. Wouldn’t it be more useful to log activity that you weren’t made aware of by default rather than just the activity that you had interacted with? I suppose the log would get fairly large though if you weren’t behind a NAT…

Alright, Sorry about the problems - do any other applications fail to work aswell?
What other security programs are you running?

You can also try;
Comodo → Defense+ → My own safe files. And add the whole folder of windows mail or just particular files.