Windows Mail and CIS

I have just installed CIS for the first time and I am having a problem with Windows Mail since I installed it. It works fine to send and receive mail but when I try to “create new rule for this message” for some reason I am unable to create the rule. I usually have a ton of rules in Windows Mail directing each individual email to its own mailbox. Unfortunately since I installed CIS it erased all the rules that I had set up and will not create new rules. Does anyone have any idea what could be blocking this function?

I did have Windows Mail in the sandbox because I thought all internet programs should be in the sandbox but I may be wrong. I took it out of the sandbox earlier this afternoon but it still will not create any rules and keep them when I close and reopen the program. It always says that creation of the rule failed but if I check for the rules, they are there but when I close the program they are erased. I have never had this problem before and hope someone can help me figure out what I’m doing wrong. BTW I’m using Windows Mail on Windows 7.

Thanks for any help

Sorry you are experiencing this issue.

I think you are getting this behaviour becuase you previously manually sandboxed (using ‘always sandbox’ and virtualised Widows Mail.

The virtualisation facility in CIS is still somewhat immature and can cause problems particularly if you switch from virtualised to unvirtualised by unsandboxing. Best to wait for 6.0 to use this facility.

I’d suggest doing the following:

[ol]- Check that Windows mail has been removed from the manual sandbox by looking under D+ settings, Computer Security Policy, Always Sandbox tab. If it’s still there remove it from ‘always sandbox’ and reboot and see if the problem has gone.

  • If not then find the directory C:\vritualroot (mis-spelling deliberate), and navigate to the windows mail folder within it
  • Make a copy of the windows mail folder and subfolders under vritual root then delete the windows mail folder under vritualroot and only that folder. The copy ensures that you can get back any messages and settings that have been virtualised if you need to. Though it may take a bit of effort.
  • Reboot and fire up Wndows mail. Hopefully you will now be able to create rules that persist again
  • If not it probably means you have installed Windows mail program as well as it’s data file in the sandbox, I’m afraid you’ll need to uninistall and re-install Windows mail, taking a back up of message and any other data and settings files you wish to retain first. Hopefully you will not have to do this.
  • If you end up with messages that you need to retrieve from a copy of a data file, I believe this can be achieved by loading the copy data file, exporting message files then re-importing them into the data file you are using. But I am not a wondows mail user so I cannot speak for the exact process. Maybe someone else can help with this and restoring settings if necessary.[/ol]

Hope this helps. Please do make sure to make the backup copies I suggest.