Windows loading Slow (freeze) on latest version (6.1.276867)

i’ve installed latest version of CIS v6.1.276867 after i uninstalled the older one (6.1.275152) and this new version is loading very slow on my computer , it’s like is freezing everything on desktop
i’m running Win 8 64bit, 8 GB RAM, Core i5 2550k. i think this is a bug or something in the process, since i’ve encountered this problem on another CIS version “6.0.264710” if i’m not wrong and at that time i was running windows 7 64 bits.

when i say slow loading, i mean more than 10 minutes until windows loads everything on the startup. when i want for example to open COMODO interface or settings window, or any other program in desktop, i have again to wait few minutes until this happen and i see in task manager many cis.exe processes.

how i solved this? i’ve uninstalled the latest version build 6.1.276867 and i installed again version 6.1.275152, i’ve loaded the settings and now everything works like a charm.

i hope COMODO team will fix & secure this issue in their future versions, since i love CIS6 so much.

Please try reinstalling CIS by following the advice I give in this post. Be sure to not change any settings or import an old configuration. Also, please download a fresh installer from the official Comodo website.

Please let me know if that solves the problem or not.


yes, i did all of these instructions … using also the safe uninstaller batch compatible with windows 8, registry cleaner (tune-up utilities and ace utilities) and i have the same result.

i can give you an installer log/dump or any other info that could help you if need, until then, i remain with 6.1.275152

best regards…

Do you have any other security software on your system?
Did you used to in the past? If so did you run the removal tools for each of them?

Only Malwarebytes, but is not running all time, i open it only at specific times - twice on a month.

The free version of Malwarebytes shouldn’t be causing any issues.

Did you used to have any security products installed on your computer, even if they are now uninstalled? Sometimes remnants from these former security products can interfere to cause issues.

Only AVG Internet Security used for a limited time (less than 3 weeks)

It’s a longshot, but please try running the removal tool from this page and see if it helps.

Check my topic here:;msg514846#msg514846

I had the same problem - fixed after installing the Pro version.