Windows Live Pc To Pc Dont Work?

Hello: I have Windows Live Messenger on my pc and Everything seems to work on it but
the pc to pc (stopped working) a while back and after removing all the McAfee items including Site Advisor that was forced on my pc from an Adobe Flash Download even though I unchecked the box that states “Do you want McAfee”, it installed it anyway. Windows Live Messenger has been working on this but cannot figure out why I cannot talk on WLM!
Any way the reason I mention this is that was one of the solutions I keep hearing about, but it did not work
So I happened to look into comodo firewall events (please see attachment)
and I found this, I traced the ip address to
I never heard of them and I cannot Remove it form comodo, now I dont know if this is why I cannot
use pc to pc (just with) Windows Live messenger or not.
Any thoughts on this and how do I remove this IP address from comodo or should I ? Thanks

[attachment deleted by admin]

I’ve been trying to delete this >>IP address

Comodo has it blocked, doesn’t anyone know how to remove this and what it is? Thanks

That is an entry from 7/10/2009 which was blocked, why im not sure of but if you wish to clear the firewall log go to Firewall->View Firewall Events->Click on More->Now click File move down to Clear and across to Firewall and left click. You should get "Are you sure you want to clear the firewall logs" answer Yes.

Maybe someone who uses WLM can help diagnose the talk problem.


Matt, Thank You for the reply, I will follow your instructions, also WLM support just contacted me
and said they are getting alot of reports on this problem and are stilll looking into it!

Matt, one other thing, when ever I come to comodo forum here and type anyhing in the Posting
screen, the typing is very eractic, it will hesistate then the letters dont show up as I type I have
to wait, then they appear. The cursor wont stop flickering either
This only happens here on this forum. Any Idea’s to the cause? Thanks