Windows Live Messenger

Hey all, Can anyone help me to configure to allow Live Messenger to work? I can’t get past sign in. Everything worked fine before installing Comodo. I can access Messenger through the Web Messenger portal but not on my PC. When I troubleshoot the error in Messenger it has a problem with the ports. Error message number 80048820 and the extended error message is 80048418. Help please… I am operating in Safe Mode and msnmsgr.exe is a trusted application.



Hi Nick, try doing this:

Go to the Firewall section, then there go Network Security Policies, then choose the tag called Application rules, you will see a big list of each policy applied for each type of application, be sure that the file msnmsgr.exe is listed there, check the type of policy that is ruling it, and be sure that its policy is set with: “Allow ip out from ip any to ip any where protocol is any”, if is not you can edit this policy selecting it, pressing on the edit button and choosing:

Action Allow
Protocol Any
Direction Out
Source Address Any
Destination Address Any
Ip details Any

Click Apply and thats it.

See if this solve your problem if not let me know.


Easier then that. Just read the sticky’s under important topics. Put the firewall and D+ in training mode.