windows live messenger

hi, this prob i have started with another fire wall i had that up-dated and caused my msn im to stop workin?!?!? i have since changed 2 u guys (:LGH), but i still cant sign in to messenger? i have followed all the insturction on other forum adds which got my yahoo messenger workin but still no msn?

i have re-installed msn 4 times? dont think its that! everything that starts with msn is allowed on the lists!!??

any suggestions? i could really do with havin this up and runnin again.


Hi and welcome. I would first suggest a system restore before you installed that firewall. This may be simple but can solve many issues. What it sounds like is the old firewall, “name” left some old files behind. If you can, download agent ransack, it’s free. Do a search in expert mode and snapshot what it finds and post it here. Also “when” did all this occur? A week, two, or days? I ask for many reasons as it opens or closes options to get your pc back in shape. Let me know.