Windows Live Messenger starts sending out links to people through IM

There is this program or something that I can’t find on the computer and it starts up when you log in to Windows Live Messenger. It sends out a link and whoever clicks the link will get the program into their computer and they will start sending the links and so on. I can kill the process using process explorer, but how do i get rid of it for good?

You can tell the program sends messages through IM because there is a window that flashes and then closes

What’s the name of the process?

Also, if you can locate the file you can submit it to virustotal. Can you please post a link to the virustotal results?

i tried virus total and removed it with malwarebytes the file was hidden it was the same name as the java process

Hi davidgreece, welcome to the forum

Both of your messages are very unclear (unfortunately)

“or something” ???
That cannot help if you are going to get some advices :slight_smile:

removed “IT” … what?
Probably you removed something you should not remove


So what is that mysterious “process” which was killed ?

Can you please at least make a screenshot while that “spooky” windows flashed & attach it here?

Anyway, I do not use Live Messenger – it has to be tweaked a lot in order to be more safe
I’m using either aMSN or Pidgin – much more secure & can connect to any IMs

At the same time, I do have the latest MS Live Messenger – no problems whatsoever when I’m testing if needed

Please be more descriptive and provide as much details as possible

My regards