Windows Live Messenger Mail button

Firstly, I (:LOV) this comodo firewall. I mean… it doesn’t crash my computer with IRQ_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL_TO BSOD under Windows XP anymore; AND, it passes all leak tests :-D. (:CLP)

However, now I notice that whenever I press the “Mail” button in my Windows Messenger Live program, Internet Explorer would show up, but will not be able to connect to hotmail or any other websites. (eg. Opening MSIE though that Mail button will open IE, but it will not be able to connect to the internet)

How do I resolve this?

Windows XP SP2.
Comodo Firewall (downloaded last night)

Thanks :smiley:


I am having exactly the same problem did you get anywhere with this? I have been looking everywhere.

I am able to get internet access by launching IE straight but going through messenger I am unable.



No problem for me doing this.
What rules do you have for messenger and IE?

Hello there managed to figure it out. When first installed I managed to use the Defense + security train with safe mode.

This autmatically sets up rules for apps and also keeps an eye on applications. Prompting the user to allow certain parts of the app to run.

What I needed to do is use the clean pc mode this will allow all applications at that specific moment access to the internet rendering them as safe. This seemed to allow me to click the mail button and run fine. Once that ran I was able to change security back to train with safe mode and it seemed to work.



Defense+ is part of CFP v3, and not v2.4. Which version of CFP are you running?