Windows Live messenger, CAn't sign in!

hi! I told many of my friends about comodo firewall. And they all love it. BUT, all of us are starting to dislike it a little. this is because it blocks Windows Live Messenger, formerly Msn Messenger. We are unable to sign in. Any help available? Screen shots are taken when Windows Live Messenger is SIGNED IN. Traffic is set to allow all. If screen shots taken when Windows Live Messenger is offline, are needed, please let me know. (B) (L) (R)

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Hi and welcome,

Can you delete all entries for Windows Live Messenger in the application monitor, then launch WLM and make sure you ‘allow’ for all popups CPF displays for WLM.

Also, check your ‘component monitor’ for blocked entries for WLM.

Windows Live Messenger works fine with CPF on my PC.


hi! Mike, thank you for the fast response. If you are still available, Seems like there’s still a problem. Let me describe what I have done:

  1. Deleted Windows Live Messenger (WLM) from application control.
  2. Checked if any of the components were blocked. (All components were allowed.)
  3. Put component monitor back into ‘learning mode’.
  4. Allowed full access to WLM via ‘trusted applications’ as well as clicking on ‘allow’ for all pop-ups on WLM.

Still, all was done to no avail. WLM works fine when comodo firewall is put into ‘allow all’ mode. Any other ideas ??? ??? ??? Or should I re-install WLM, which i don’t think it is nessary, because I have already re-installed it twice. I’m sure its something to do with me, since you said that you could access WLM +++ Comodo Firewall is the best I have come across… (R)

Do a search for msn (search box above). Theres a new rule that fixed this in other posts.


This may be a useful link:,747.0.html

Alternativley, you could try the beta CPF which has the rule in the above post added by default as well as performance and security increases:,1216.0.html

However, you need to know you will need to uninstall and install CPF to install the beta and uninstall and install again for the stable release or if you installed a new beta version (the installer automatically uninstalls previous versions).

Hope this helps,

well, Now WLM keeps saying that it has lost the connection with the server, and will reconnect it XX seconds. Problem solved… new problem now.

Can you download the BETA version and show us your logs? It is available at,1216.0.html