Windows Live Messenger 9


I have a question relating to Windows Live Messenger.

My internet security system of choice was Kaspersky but I decided to try Comodo, I liked it so much I did not renew my KIS subscription and have been using Comodo for the past few days.

One thing that really annoys and iritates me is the flash adverts on the bottom of Windows Live Mesenger, both Kaspersky & Outpost automatically blocked these issues, but I see the Flash Player 9 banner ads using Comodo. Is it possible to do the same using Comodo, and if so any help in making a rule set for this program would be greatly appreciated.



google for a-patch, and use that program to permanently remove ads and other unwanted features from MSN… works a lot better than kaspersky or avast


Unless the ads comes from a separate process I’m afraid you can’t them with Comodo Internet Security.


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Thanks for the welcome LeoniAquila, take a look at the screen shot, KIS has blocked these ads from messenger
for years, even the latest W7 beta with live 9 messenger can’t get past KIS.

As stated before, Agnitum Outpost also blocks the Flash Player in messenger, but I can’t seem to stop it with comodo.

@ boombaard, I will take a look, thanks for the heads up.

I hope someone can come up with an answer, surely KIS & OP can’t outdo comodo.


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Pmarch, I am sorry but CIS does not block adds or has the functionality. I believe you can configure what adds you see in Windows 9 Messenger (It’s still a beta).

If you need anything else, feel free to ask. :slight_smile: Have a great Xmas.


Thanks for the clarification 3xist, I understand now.


Great stuff, worked a treat, thanks for the pointer.

To you all, thanks for taking the time to help me.
Merry xmas too you all


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